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HSC Weather Guidelines!

Recreational Soccer

Weather Guidelines

Weather updates will only be posted in the event of changes or cancellations.

The following guidelines will be used to assist in making decisions about whether to hold a scheduled session of recreational soccer if it appears that the weather could affect the session.

If the forecasted wind chill (Feels Like) temperature for the time of the session is less than 40 degrees, the session will be rescheduled (the reference temperature will come from the hourly forecast on the Weather Channel web site, http://www.weather.com/weather/hourbyhour/24210.

If it is expected to be raining, and the forecasted wind chill temperature for the time of the session is less than 45 degrees, the session will likely be rescheduled. Drizzle or light rain will not automatically result in the session being rescheduled.

These will be used as guidelines. Weather forecasts can be inaccurate or can change suddenly. Decisions will be made based on the best available information. All reasonable attempts will be made to hold sessions as scheduled. Players should always dress appropriately for the weather (layers (jersey on outside), gloves, hats as needed).

Weather Information Alert

If games are cancelled for any reason, notification will be sent out via text alert (which also sends an email). Otherwise, coaches and/or referees may cancel games at the field if conditions warrant.

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