Highlands Soccer Club
Serving Washington County Virginia

Spring 2017 season runs from March 11th to May 13th.

Games are scheduled at 9/10/11am on Saturdays and 5:45 (U14) / 6:30pm (Others) on Tues/Thurs

Registration FAQ!

Registration Tips and FAQ's

Team Selection

All players are placed on new teams each fall. If they return in the spring, they are typically assigned to the same team as the fall season. In order to be fair to all and maintain competitive balance, no special requests will be accepted. If you have a information that you want team assignors to know, please use the comments section on your registration.


Pay by Credit/Debit Card only, thank you.

Gift cards (Visa/MC) are not able to be used (sorry, we don't know why that is the case)

Forgot Password

If your request to receive your forgotten password by email fails, you probably entered an incorrect address when you created your account. If you still have problems, email president@highlandssoccer.com for assistance.

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